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Submitted by Colorado Rocky Mountain Crest Chapter Historian Mary Clark
Zebulon Pike Monument Pike's Peak, Colorado

Click Here For Copies of Photos fron the Mountain Crest Chapter
Zebulon Pike Historical Site DedicationChartering of New Rocky Mt Crest Chapter
with President National Lynne Schulman and Charlene Hubbs Parliamentarian National


Colorado State Society
Public Relations, Scrapbook and National Press Book

2016 Annual State Committee Reporting

  • Your state: Colorado
  • Names of 1812 chapters in your state. List to right addresses of chapter web sites:

            Daniel Carpenter – no website
            Major General Alexander Macomb – no website
            Rocky Mountain Crest – no website

  • Names of 1812 chapters which sent you reports:

            Daniel Carpenter – yes
            Major General Alexander Macomb – yes
            Rocky Mountain Crest - yes

7.  Names of 1812 chapters, which have sent you newspaper clippings about 1812
Activities. Be sure to list the name of the chapter and beside the number of clipping submitted. Be sure to include clippings, which show name of newspaper and date of publication. If several chapters have submitted clippings and or photos, be sure to identify these. Use the back of this page if you don’t have enough space on the front.
8. Send Copies of any Newsletters maintained by your state organization or individual Chapters. Name these in your report. Newsletters will be included in Scrap Book.
9. Event Photos. Be sure to identify event, when and persons in photo. Photos can be
of awards such as: Spirit Award, Guest speakers, Cemetery markings, Scholarship Recipients, School visits, Parades, book fairs, library displays promoting 1812.

  • See Attached

10. Did any chapters in your state copy the Publicity Information Circular featured on the National Web Site? If so, how many copies did they place in places where they would be accessible to the public such as libraries and schools?

  • Rocky Mountain Crest placed 50 copies in the Evergreen Library and distributed them at the Mountain Rendezvous NSDAR meeting.

11. Did any of the chapters in your state make use of Spot announcements for patriotic observances? If so, which chapters and what did they do?
12. Did any of the chapters in your state donate books on the War of 1812? If so, what and to whom.
13. Did any of the chapters in your state take part in grave markings and/or commemorative observances at any historical sites? If so which? Please list and describe these. You may use the back of this page with the number of the question you are answering.

  • The Colorado State Society initiated the recognition and coordination of the grave marking of War of 1812 veteran Milby Smith and placed an 1812 Historical Marker at the statue of Zebulon Pike in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Rocky Mountain Crest Chapter participated in Constitution Week observances at the historic Church of the Transfiguration National Landmark in Evergreen.  Member Marlene Waltz gave a short lesson to 10 preschoolers about the Constitution.  After which, we rang two bells at the site.  Additionally, two members attended the grave marking ceremony for Milby Smith, War of 1812 veteran buried in Canon City, CO. Our member Nancy DeGuire spoke at the ceremony.  Additionally, members attended the ceremony, which place an historic marker in honor of Zebulon Pike in Colorado Springs.  Member Nancy DeGuire presided over this event.
  • Major General Alexander Macomb Chapter members attended the grave marking ceremony of Milby Smith at Greenwood Cemetery in Canon City, Colorado.  Members Gina Moore and Charlotte Hubbs participated in this ceremony.  Chapter members also attended the Historical Marker Ceremony for Zebulon Pike in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Members participating the ceremony included Mary Daley, Charlotte Hubbs, Laurie Ramos and Lynda Carmichael.

14. Does your state or chapters within your state have lists of Ancestors of Members, either published or on web sites? You may have to use the back of this page or add a sheet to the report. If so, be sure to # what you are answering.

  • Rocky Mountain Crest Chapter maintains the list of ancestors in their yearbook.
  • Major General Alexander Macomb ancestors are listed in their yearbook.

15. Has your state or individual chapters compiled Cemetery Burial Information on 1812 Veterans buried in your state? You may have to use the back of this page or add a sheet to the report. If so, be sure to # what you are answering.

  • Yes – we only have two, one of which was just marked this year, Milby Smith

16. Did chapters in your state have programs on any aspect of the War of 1812? If so, which?  All chapters are urged to have at least one program on the War of 1812. If any of your chapters had an especially good program, provide a copy and be recognized. We are beginning and on-line Program Library.
17 Did members of any of your chapters take part or attend symposiums on the War of 1812? If so, which chapters and which events?
18. Did members of any of your chapters submit an article, which was published in an 1812 Newsletter or in another publication? Be sure to name the chapter, the member of the chapter whose article was published, the name of the publication in which it was published and the date and the title of the article or articles.

  • Rocky Mountain Crest Chapter submitted an article on our organization meeting to the February National News-letter.
  • Nancy DeGuire submitted the Colorado State President Report in the August 2016 issue.
  • Colorado State Society submitted an article in the August 2016 issue highlighting Jacque-Lynn Schulman’s visit to Colorado for the Colorado State Council meeting.

19. Have any of your chapters visited schools and/or made contacts with teachers encouraging them to use 1812 Resource materials with students studying American History?

  • Rocky Mountain Crest member, Marlene Waltz placed a tri-fold poster at a local elementary school, which included information on the Star Spangled Banner and its history.  Additionally, she spoke to preschoolers about the Constitution.


20. Have any chapters within your state sponsored poster and/or essay contests?  If so, please name the chapter or chapters who have done this and describe what they have done including, which, if any, awards were given.
21. Has any chapter in your state provided “an 1812” scholarship to a high school student planning to attend college? If so, don’t forget to send a photo and newspaper clipping if you have it.
22. Does your state have a Bicentennial Commission? If so, what is its web address? Also provide the names of any members from your state who work with yours state’s Bicentennial Commission.
Picture: Zebulon Pike Dedication Picture

Front Row left to right: Linda Morcom – Daniel Carpenter Chapter President, Marcy Kimminau, Mary Clark, Bobbi Prentice, Nancy DeGuire - State President, Sallie Clark - El Paso County Commissioner, Charlotte Hubbs - Parliamentarian National
Back Row left to Right: Alison Gibbens, Suzanne King, Deb Carney, Laurie Ramos – State Treasurer, Linda Carmichael – State Historian, and Mary Daley – Major General Alexander Macomb President




Picture: Milby Smith U.S.D. of 1812 Grave Marker Dedication

Kneeling: Margie Schlaufman, Descendant of Milby Smith
Front Row (left to right): Colleen Joyce – Honorary State President, Charlotte Hubbs - Parliamentarian National, Nancy DeGuire – Colorado State Society President
Back Row (left to right) – Cheryl Lydyard, Jeannine Dobbins – Colorado State Vice President, Guest, Laurie Weitzel, Gina Moore and Donna Fisk





War of 1812 veteran honored during Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery ceremony

Greenwood Pioneer ceremony honors solider who fought at age 18

By Sarah Matott

The Daily Record
POSTED:   11/06/2016 06:38:35 PM MST

Tom Monaco, board member of the Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery Committee, unveils the new grave marker for Milby Smith, a soldier from the War of 1812 who was honored at Saturday's Veterans Day ceremony. (Sarah Matott / Daily Record)

The new grave marker for Milby Smith was presented by the Greenwood Cemetery Committee. Smith was a soldier who fought in the War of 1812. (Sarah Matott / Daily Record)

For more than 200 years, the grave of one soldier who fought in the War of 1812 has gone unrecognized.  His grave was marked, but the significance of the person was lost to all who would pass it.

Milby Smith, born March 10, 1794, is buried at the Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery in Cañon City.  What has been unknown, or unrecognized, to many is that Smith was a soldier in the War of 1812.  Tom Monaco, board member for the Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery Committee, said that Smith was living in Cañon City when Colorado first became a state.  "He lived through 20 presidencies, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and even through the Louis and Clark expedition," Monaco said.
Monaco said that Smith fought in the War of 1812 when he was just 18 years old and served as a member of the New York Militia.
Smith would later fight, at age 56, in the Mexican-American War.

On Saturday, Smith formally was recognized at the Greenwood Pioneer Ceremony with a new grave marker.  The ceremony was part of the Greenwood Cemetery Committee's Veterans Day ceremony.
Now when anyone walks by his grave, they will see the significance of Smith's contribution.  Monaco said during the marker's dedication that Smith is one of just two veterans from the War of 1812 who have been found in Colorado.  At the start of the ceremony, the Greenwood Color Guard raised the American flag from 1812, so that it would fly over the cemetery, even for a moment.

Monaco said that the 1812 flag has 15 stripes and 15 stars and is commonly known as the Star-Spangled Banner; it's the same flag Francis Scott Key saw flying over Fort McHenry in Baltimore, which inspired the National Anthem.

Every year, the Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery Committee hosts a ceremony ahead of Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Board Member Margaret Storm said that every year they try to do something different to make each ceremony stand out, and this year, they made the new stone for Smith the focus point for the event.

A member of the Greenwood Color Guard stands ready for the presentation of the flag. (Sarah Matott / Daily Record)

"We were able to get the new headstone for him through the government," Storm said, adding that it took a lot of time and research.  "That's what took so long. Tom has worked on research for at least a year and half," Storm said.

The ceremony, in addition to dedicating the new grave marker, also recognized all soldiers buried at the Greenwood Ceremony.  At Greenwood Ceremony, soldiers who fought for the Union and the Confederacy are both buried.   Monaco said that the main Confederate section in the cemetery is the only designated Confederate cemetery in Colorado.  He said that the plot was purchased for the Confederates by Union members.  "Oddly enough, they buried on the north side of the cemetery," Monaco said.

In addition to Union and Confederate soldiers, many pioneers are also built at Greenwood Cemetery.  "These pioneers are the people who build many of our buildings likes churches and schools," Monaco said.

The cemetery has been designated as a National and State Historic Site, as well as a Local Landmark Site by the Fremont County Heritage Commission.

Sarah Matott: 719-276-7648, matotts@canoncitydailyrecord.com



Members of the Greenwood Color Guard present the flag at Saturday's Veterans Day Ceremony at Greenwood Cemetery. (Sarah Matott / Daily Record)

Major General Alexander Macomb Chapter, NSUSD 1812 Officer Installation (21 May 2015)
Left to right:  Mary Daley - President, Nancy Bale - Vice President, Donna Fisk - Recording Secretary, Mary Peabody - Corresponding Secretary, Laurie Ramos - Treasurer, Jeanne Collins - Registrar, Jean Taylor - Historian, Beverly Nelson - Librarian